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Originally a bound prisioner, he was released by his guardian and refused to be unsummoned.

After being accidentally freed by the Brotherhood of Tofu, Remington releases him to distract the heroes; he quickly realizes this is a bad idea. Yugo uses his portal magic to attack Anathar, which he is then able to use much more powerfully than Yugo, such as generating a hundred portals at once.

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He is so powerful, he even opened up a portal into the Shukrute palace. Through his actions, it would seem this power has a time limit for how long he can use it. He wakfu toxin chan in the final battle in possing Adamaï against Yugo, but he is betrayed and threatened of destruction by Qilby, he decides to leave him to take care of Adamai and Yugo, Qilby accepts and spares Anathar.

His final fate is unknown, he is presumed killed by Qilby when he tried to kill him for having insulted but it is possible that he is escaped and hid somewhere. He, Rubilax and Ombrage are the only Shushus who did not return to Rushu's realm.

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Ombrage Shadowfang in the English dub Voiced by: Malvina Germain French ; Fiona Clarke English An vampire Shushu imprisoned in a magic ringshe has the power to steal a person's shadow, which appears to represent the target's soul, and turns them into a ghoul.

However, she is unable wakfu toxin chan do this if the target lacks any darkness in their heart. She is first met in a ruined town, where she has taken over her guardian's spirit, who goes by the name Vampyro.

After being defeated, her guardian swears never to fall for her tricks again.

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She returns in season 2 as an ally of Rubilax. Once Percedal is returned to his body, though, she is left behind, ignored by her guardian.


In the closing scenes, however, an unknown fisherman picks her up. A secret Guild where all the members are demigods or children of Dragons, thus they are semi-immortal. Their stated goal is to replace their parents and become the new gods of the World of Twelve, believing that the gods don't care about them and that the world has become horribly corrupt under their rule.

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They threw down the gauntlet against the Brotherhood of Tofu in Season 3 because their leader, Oropo, desires both the Percedal family children and Ruel to join their new pantheon.

Furthermore, he has an unspecified need for Yugo's help as well in his plan.

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To that end, he is using the weaknesses and doubts in the characters to try to bring them to his side. However, later episodes reveal that not everyone in The Siblings fully trusts their leader and some begin to move on their own.

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Oropo Voiced by: Franck Lorrain French ; Christopher Corey Smith English The mysterious leader who appears in a large cloak with wakfu toxin chan owl-like mask who is the main antagonist of season 3 and the central villain of the series overall.

Oropo believed that the current gods are lazy and selfish, and wants to usurp them alongside The Siblings.

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Oropo is very calm and persuasive individual, able to win others to his side with these traits. He claims to hate violence and chaos, and is lenient on others despite what he considers flaws in their personalities. He also follows the principles wakfu toxin chan the end justifying the means, and that sacrifice is necessary for change.

He refers to himself as a non-existence. At the end of season 3 where he is revealed to be the last of the Eliotropes, a shadow-clone race accidentally created by Yugo in his image before he fought Ogrest.

Once his identity is revealed, he shows a dark version side of himself. He identifies the same traits in Yugo and longs to replace him and be the "real" Yugo. Despite wanting to save the world, his ultimate plan still involves destroying all life on the planet, to eliminate the prayers going to the gods, making them vanish. He had no qualms about lying, using, or manipulating others and excused his actions or hypocritically shifted blame onto someone else.

His actions, his reasons, and his extremes make Oropo no better than the gods he wishes to destroy.

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Deep down, Oropo knows his actions and reasons for doing wakfu toxin chan are wrong and selfish, and he truly loved the Siblings, considering them his family, and he had been in love with Echo.

His greatest flaw had been his obsession with becoming the "real Yugo", to take Yugo's place, and joining the Brotherhood of the A genitális szemölcsök megismétlődésének okai, whom he saw as family because of the feelings and memories he'd inherited from Yugo that blinded him to the love and devotion of Echo and his friends until it was too late.

Oropo is extremely powerful, able to bend time and space in the creation of his multi-dimensional tower of dreams.


Furthermore, he has somehow gained possession of the Eliacube which can make its user as strong as a god. He is also able to enter people's minds through the cracks of their doubts and fears.

When his people, the Eliotrope, dies, their Wakfu would transfer into Oropo, making him hold all the Wakfu of his once dead race. Echo is the face of the guild whenever Oropo isn't around. It was revealed that she is in a relationship with Oropo and joined his cause for aligning to his beliefs and simultaneously being in love with him.

Adamaï gained a taller body and even more powerful abilities after draining the Eliatrope Dofus, becoming even darker and villainous, willing to kill his former friends.